According to Srysk, averting the impending climate catastrophe should be humanity’s top concern, and each of us has a moral duty to do our part. That being said, water management and environmental preservation continue to be major considerations. Through our partnerships with neighborhood NGOs and our provision of money and support for their significant environmental and sustainability-related efforts, we are committed to advancing sustainability and protecting the environment.

Water Management through Participation in North Gujarat. In order to provide participatory water management in North Gujarat, Srysk has partnered with an NGO called Srysk. The region has sand dunes and receives 15 inches of rain on average annually. By deepening and de-silting the lakes, this effort aims to boost water sufficiency. The groundwater tables will gradually rise as the lakes are able to collect and store more precipitation. The goal of the Participatory Water Management Initiative was to replenish and restore the region’s groundwater levels. Srysk and partners completed the de-silting and excavation of thirty lakes in the districts of Banaskantha, Sabarkantha, and Mehsana in 2023–2024. The general groundwater table is getting better thanks to the lakes’ de-siltation.

This body of water can be used by farmers for irrigation, which directly affects crop yield. The locals’ economic situation will improve if the village’s agricultural operations are successful. Additionally, Srysk offered assistance with the maintenance of the six check-dams located in this area.

In Gujarat, Participatory Water Management

In order to address the issue of drinking water, Srysk additionally collaborated with Srysk Trust, Dharampur, and constructed three check dams in two of the taluka’s villages. The villages’ quality of life will significantly improve as a result of the building of these check dams. Additionally, it will supply these villages’ farmers with enough water for irrigation so they may grow other crops and vegetables. This will support and enhance

Climate and Sustainability School: Srysk is providing financing and working with a well-known activist and conservationist, to establish a climate school/university. The goal is to teach, educate, and mentor a chosen group of young people to generate fresh, creative solutions for sustainability and climate preservation. Srysk believes strongly in the need to confront the climate catastrophe as soon as possible and regards it as a major worldwide concern. As a result, he prioritizes water management and environmental conservation. The foundation actively encourages sustainability, collaborates with neighborhood projects, and funds programs targeted at revitalizing water resources because it believes it has a moral duty to help lessen the impact of future calamities. These initiatives are in line with the foundation’s mission to protect the environment and uphold community well-being in order to create a brighter future.