Using interactive teaching techniques to encourage improved literacy results

Many students in higher standards frequently struggle with even the most fundamental skills, including reading and writing, as a result of their inadequate educational backgrounds. Therefore, in order to give these students a foundational understanding of every subject, we have created Bridge Courses. These courses use interactive multimedia content to help students better understand and internalize the material in an enjoyable way.

We offer remedial instruction to struggling kids who are not proficient in reading, writing, or basic math. With a variety of innovative teaching techniques and rigorous training, we bring them up to an average level. First, we identify poor pupils who lack fundamental reading and writing skills and are enrolled in standards 6, 7, and 8. These underachieving pupils get rigorous,

This method emphasizes concept clarity while taking the students’ learning capacities into consideration in order to actively involve the students in the learning process. Prior to advancing to the next stage or level, the assessment procedure ensures that every student has understood what has been taught to him. Every student in the classroom can participate in enrichment and remedial activities thanks to the program. By using this strategy, all students will graduate from school with 100% of the topic understanding required. The system’s greatest benefit is that it lets students learn at their own speed, providing both quick learners and slower learners with equal opportunities.