Stability and sustainability are the results of nonstop efforts for success, and one needs to be positive about the change. Stipulate the demands of the new era. We find our country to be far away from reality, and this needs a visionary implication of programs that can help striving people get a helping hand. We need to see the reality of environmental degradation and make a promise to work for a sustainable solution.


Our target area

Function of society!

Shrimad Rajchandra was the spiritual guru of India’s national father, Mahatma Gandhi, and our organization is following the principles of Shrimad Rajchandra. We assist poor people in moving above the poverty line from below.

We help economically and socially backward people, especially poor students in tribal areas, by giving free clothes, study materials, stipends for computer training, and tricycles to the handicapped. We also arrange cancer awareness and cancer check-up camps in schools and colleges for youth.

We also help poor widowed women. We also arrange free medicine and medical checkup programs, blood donation, eye operations, yoga and health programs, environmental programs, animal husbandry, and disease cure programs. We envision a society where each individual is capable of contributing socially, economically, politically, ideologically, and mentally to the affluence of the society and has an equal stake in its very function. To identify and work alongside the economically and socially deprived and the physically and mentally challenged, starting with children, so that they become educated, skilled, and aware. Enable them to be self-reliant and enjoy a healthy, dignified, and sustainable quality of life, and to that end, act as a resource to and collaborate with other agencies, governmental or non-governmental, as well as suitably intervene in policy formulation.