Plantations of trees and forests

The Srysk Foundation prioritizes tree plantations and forests because of their critical role in supporting environmental health and battling climate change. By making tree planting and forestation a priority, the student will plant one tree, whether it is on the school grounds, in their community, or close to their house. They will then eventually take daily care of the tree, watering and nurturing it to ensure its survival. Children have so far planted about 25,000 trees as part of this effort. At 93%, these trees have an incredibly high survival rate.
Campaign for Participatory Tree Planting with VSSM

Srysk supported the Participatory Tree Plantation Campaign and worked with VSSM on it. The panchayat and village leadership work together to execute the campaign as a whole. With a 92% survival rate, we have planted over 1,50,000 trees in various areas as part of this program.
Project for Planting Trees in North Gujarat
To increase the amount of greenery in the area, Srysk and the Srysk Trust collaborated to plant about 22,000 trees in the forest regions of Sabarkantha and Banaskanthha.

Project for Urban Forestry Using 

In order to support  urban forestation effort, Srysk has provided funding for the planting, upkeep, and growth of about 85,000 trees. Acacia Eco Trust is also constructing Oxygen Park in Lambha with our assistance. By embracing the idea of urban forestation, we hope to improve biodiversity, reduce pollution, and create a healthier living environment for urban populations by converting cityscapes into verdant havens. Our goal is to establish sustainable urban ecosystems that are advantageous to both people and the environment through thoughtful tree planting and green activities.