SRYSK takes children on a Devine journey by addressing their character, moral and spiritual development. SRYSK is inspiring and enabling children to live more enriching and meaningful life in tribal areas.  SRYSK is also arranges all disease cure camp for poor people in tribal area. We also arrange animal husbandry camp on every three months in sabarkantha district.  We helpful to poor people by de-addiction camp and tree plantation camp.


A helpful way to begin is to be asked “Would you say you are spiritual or religious in any way? Please tell me how.” Another useful question is, “What gives you hope?” or “What keeps you going in difficult times?” The answer to this will usually reveal a person’s main spiritual concerns and practices.

What do the next few weeks hold for you? What about the next few months or years? Are you worried about death and dying, or about the possibility of an afterlife? Would you want to discuss this more? What are your main fears about the future? Do you feel the need for forgiveness about anything? What, if anything, gives you hope? Spiritual practices can help us to develop the better parts of ourselves. They can help us to become more creative, patient, persistent, honest, kind, compassionate, wise, calm, hopeful and joyful. These are all part of the best health care.

Religious traditions certainly include individual spirituality, which is universal. But each religion has its own distinct community-based worship, beliefs, sacred texts and traditions. Spirituality is not necessarily tied to any particular religious belief or tradition. Although culture and beliefs can play a part in spirituality, every person has their own unique experience of spirituality – it can be a personal experience for anyone, with or without a religious belief. It’s there for everyone. Spirituality also highlights how connected we are to other people and the world.